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Drivers Licence

In order to secure a date upon which to complete your learner’s license test you will need to visit your testing station of choice and make an appointment in person. It is important to note that it is not possible for a parent, guardian or any other representative to make this booking on your behalf.

For driver’s license bookings please ensure you take the following:
• Original green bar-coded identity document
• Copy of above-mentioned identity document
• Original Learner’s License
• Copy of above-mentioned Learner’s License
• Four black and white ID photos
• R205, 00 (subject to change)

NOTE: Should you have eye-sight difficulties please ensure you take your glasses or are wearing your contacts as you will be required to pass an eye test
Should you require any assistance in booking your test or would like to know the approximate dates upon which specific stations are releasing appointments please contact the office on 0739256476.

We, at Drive-it Driving School, pride ourselves in producing safe and confident drivers who experience maximum success in the K53 testing system.

In order to commence with driving lessons you need to be in possession of a valid and legal South African learner’s license. Our qualified instructors are able to pick you up at any specified address within the greater Johannesburg area and drop you off at the end of your lesson.

The structure of the lessons will depend on whether you are a beginner or more competent driver:

Beginner lessons (1 hour) include:
• Basic starting and stopping procedures
• Basic clutch control and control of the vehicle
• Changing gears
• Rules of the road
• How to accurately read and understand road and traffic signs or signals

Once you have mastered the above skills you will begin 2-hour lessons with the aim of preparing you for the K53 test. These will include:
• K53 observations while driving and parking
• The yard test-Parallel parking, alley docking, incline starts and 3-point turns
• The road test
• Pre-trip inspection
• The penalty point system employed by testing officials

The Test
In order to successfully pass the South African driver’s test you will need to demonstrate that you are a safe and competent driver who is proficient in the K53 defensive driving system.

You will be required to arrive at the testing station 30 minutes before the time of your test and wait for an official to collect you from the waiting area. Please ensure you have with you your valid learner’s license, green bar-coded identity document, three black and white ID photos, confirmation receipt(you will receive this on booking your test date) and the prescribed issuing fee(currently R195, 00)
The driving test consists of two main components:

The Yard Test
You will need to perform a pre-trip inspection on the vehicle you intend using during the test. This is a verbal account of the exterior, interior and operating procedures of the car indicating that it is safe and roadworthy (your instructor will familiarise you with this procedure as well as provide you with a copy of what is required)

You will be required to perform the following actions with competence:
• Parallel parking
• Alley docking
• Three-point turn
• Incline starts

Throughout the mentioned actions you will need to conform to the checks and observations associated with the K53 system. Failure to do so will result in the penalisation of points and possible failure.

The Road Test
During this portion of the test you will spend 18-22 minutes driving on the road with the testing official. You will be assessed on your ability to drive and control the vehicle safely and competently while completing all necessary checks and observations associated with the K53 defensive driving system. Failure to do so will result in the penalisation of points and possible failure.

NOTE: During the course of your driving lessons your instructor will thoroughly familiarise you with all the actions required to conform to the K53 system. You will also be aware of all actions or misdemeanours which will result in penalisation of points or immediate failure.